Meeting Professionals International Table Top Tradeshow: A Success!!

Tuesday March 25, 2009

This years MPI table top tradeshow was a complete success! Lina Layiktez and Aaron Long represented the fine services and facilities of UC Davis with some of the best of the best event planners and those that provide some of the finest facilities in the Sacramento and Sierra Nevada region. Some of those in attendance were: Courtyard Marriot, California Society for Healthcare, The Claremont Resort & Spa, as well as Advantage Presentation.

While participating during this very friendly meet and greet, Lina and Aaron were able to proudly promote UC Davis’s facilities and the opening of the new hotel and conference center opening up this coming Fall. Like expected, many people were aware of UC Davis as an educational institution; however, they were aware that UC Davis offered incredible venues from rustic lodges to professional ballrooms and conference rooms. “I didn’t know you all did that,” was the infamous response, and “of course we do, and we do it well!” were Aaron and Lina’s response with a smile.

It was a great outing and there couldn’t have been more success! With yet another tradeshow done, the fine facilities of UC Davis and services of UC Davis CEVS are once again promoted in order to let those know that yes were are here, and yes we can help you with your events. Thanks again to Meeting Professionals International for yet another great tradeshow, and our hats go off to you for letting us “rock the house again this year.”


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