A Day in the Life of a Team Member: The Aaron Long Stories

Friday April 3, 2009

Helloooo world! My name is Aaron Long and I am one of the team members here at UC Davis Campus Events! I’m really excited to be on the blog and I’m really excited to connect with all of you out there, as well as tell you about our services and what we can do for you.

First off, I’m from Los Angeles, California (shout out to LA!), and I am now pursuing my undergraduate degree in Sociology and English here at UC Davis. I have been working for the university for over a year now so I have my footing and luckily I was given the chance to transfer from Human Resources Administration to Campus Events and Visitor Services. The move has been awesome and I couldn’t ask for more of a exciting and supportive team to work around : )

As a Marketing Coordinator for CEVS, I am responsible for some of the behind the scenes work to make sure our program gets off the ground and running. Here at UC Davis, we are not only an academic institution of excellence but a venue for multiple aspects of business and strive to let you all out there that we are here for you. With event coordinators and some of the top event planners in the business, we are here to help you make your conference, personal event, retreat, or whatever you have in mind, an event to remember!

So now you all know a little bit about me and what we do around here! Until next time!



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