The Scoop on Being More Green: LEED

Thursday April 9, 2009

At UC Davis we’re striving to be more green. Here at UC Davis we are striving to be 75% green by 2012, and 100% green by 2020. It’s a goal we take much pride in and we hope that we’ll be able to obtain them.

As people in the event planning business, we at CEVS understand that in this day and age being green is important, so we are incorpoarting “green” news in our blog. Today we’re going to talk about Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED. LEED is green buidling grading system that keeps your organization on point for today’s green standards. Obtaining a LEED certificate is no easy feat, with only 13 certified hotels in the United States, it shows that there are many regulations you must meet in order to receive this prestigious award.

Gaining a LEED certificate requires: architects, managers, workers, and other represenatatives of your organization to meet prior to the building of your facility, making it well known that you are striving toward a certificate that will require participation from all prospective employees. Please feel free to click on the title of this entry to be fowarded to the actual coverage of LEED for more specific details and explanations. We all should be “LEEDers” in this generation, focusing on our environment and protecting the planet in which we live on.


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