The Scoop on Being Greener: Reusing

Wednesday July 22, 2009

It sounds easy, you know people that do it, but can you put it into your everyday practices? Using a reusable mug, cup, or water bottle is something so simple that a lot of people look over as being a green practice; however, it does indeed make a huge impact on our environment. According to, if you were to buy “a disposable container, you are generating about 22.75 pounds of waste per year.” A year! Just by yourself you are producing that much waste, and just imagine if you were to purchase that five dollar mug you see at Starbucks everyday? Or even that sports water bottle you see at your local running shop? You’d not only be saving yourself some money, but you’d also be saving the world a lot of waste that is not need. So do your part today and go out and reuse! If we all put in a little effort, our world can be a little greener.



  1. Thanks for the great tip, aand your fabulous green tips on Twitter!

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