Finding the Silverlining

Tuesday August 18, 2009

Without a doubt the economy has seen brighter days, and our pockets are getting thinner and thinner as the next day arrives. We realize that our budgets are getting smaller and our energy to coordinate or participate in events are getting lower.

The University of California, Davis is no stranger to these budget struggles, and we can completely empathize with all of you out there who are getting a bad taste in your mouths when even the word money is whispered. That’s why at UC Davis we try to make the most affordable prices for your events as possible. There’s no need to travel far and wide looking for an event facility or an event service that is going to cost you an arm and a leg, when you’re struggling to begin with. When planning with us, we will focus on getting you the lowest rate possible and make sure your event planning process is as easy as possible.

So the next time you are looking for event coordinators or event facilities, look no further than UC Davis. We’re here to help you with your event, not charge you outrageous prices that are going to leave your pockets even thinner. Take some stress off your shoulders and let us handle it for you. Trust us, we’re event planners.


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