Office Word of the Day: WOO

Monday October 5, 2009

A first you may have been thinking of the noise someone says when excited, but actually WOO, is an acronym for Window of Opportunity. Whether you are a provider or a client, the window of opportunity is something you should always be focused on. Sometimes the WOO may be big, sometimes it may be small, but most importantly, you want to make sure you have one.

The WOO at UC Davis for hosting your event is quite convenient for events both big and small. We have the facilities and services that you will want to take the opportunity to use and love due to their inexpensiveness and convenience. Everything you need for your conference or event is right here on campus, and we pride ourselves on making the WOO for your conference management fiasco as minute as possible. We would guarantee a 100% success rating, but of course we’re only human!

So exercise your big WOO at UC Davis! Trust us, we’re event coordinators.


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