A jaunt around campus

Pathway through the Arboretum

Monday morning Aaron and I fired up the gem car and hit the ground running. We blasted past bike riders at 26 mph, in the golf cart-ish vehicle, which I approximate to have about 3 horse power. Our mission? Visiting campus event venues I hadn’t been to yet. Even after spending 3 1/2 years here, I never knew how many cool spots the campus has to offer.

The west end of the Arboretum near Shields Grove Gazebo was a-glisten with morning dew and I realized the vastness of the space. Next stop was Vanderhoef Quad between the Mondavi and Alumni Centers. Is it just me, or is the fountain there cool? Shaped like a rectangle with the bottom end in the pool of water, water falls in long vertical strands, creating a curtain like effect. Finally, we ended up at the Good Life Garden. By this time it was around 11am and seeing all the beautiful, organic food there was making me pretty hungry, so needless to say it was time to leave before I pulled a carrot out of the ground!

The Arboretum, Vanderhoef Quad, and the Good Life Garden are just a few examples of beautiful outdoor venues for events here at UCD, and with 15 years in the ‘biz,’ Conference and Event Services can help you choose the perfect spot for your event!


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