CALSAE Seasonal Spectacular

Thursday December 10, 2009

The CALSAE Seasonal Spectacular did live up to it’s name– spectacular! We were able to meet a lot of new folks and reconnect with a lot folks we worked with in the past. Booth 341 stayed very busy throughout the afternoon, and our representatives at our booth: Ana, Lina, and Katrina really represented us well as always! There were over 200 booths that ranged from hotels to casinos, to golfing resorts. Aaron, Alma, and Christine acted as our on the floor representatives as they worked their way around booths connecting with potential partners and event planners that would look toward UC Davis’s excellent event management and facilities.

Now that the Seasonal Spectacular is over, we are gearing up for our tradeshow in February 16, 2010– Plan Green Vendor and Caterer Showcase. With all of the positive feedback from many event planners, vendors, and caterers from the CALSAE Seasonal Spectacular, we’re really looking forward to getting all of the great vendors and caterers out to suppor the green cause and meet all of our wonderful UC Davis event planners. Remember that the Plan Green Conference will be on February 16, 2010 and you can register online HERE. Hope to see you all in February and thanks again to CALSAE for putting on another great tradeshow!


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