Learning in Las Vegas

Friday March 12, 2010

This week, our Marketing Team and two Conference coordinators embarked on a journey to the fabulous city of Las Vegas where they learned great tips on how to further brand ourselves as an organization and how to boost our performance to further help you as clients. “You’re going to hate me again, but I’ve got a lot of new ideas we should try out,” said our director Lina Layiktez as she came back into the office today. During the great talks at the Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow, Lina was able to gather some progressive ideas to implement in our department for the next upcoming months. Everyone was able to participate in the social media talks which “were very informative and really set us in the right direction for the future,” said Ana Kitchen CES Program Manager and Katrina Evans, our new Marketing Manager, “the ways in which we’ll be able to connect with people should be more creative and efficient.” Other events that were attended by our wonderful conference attendees were: Wedding Design from Concept to Completion, Business Development: How to Turn Customers into Evangelists, and Maximizing Your Event Outcome in Times of Change. All and all, our marketing team is very excited as we are always looking for new ways to make our services better for all of you out there. With all of these great new ideas and perspectives we’re sure we’ll be able to be a lot more proficient in these times of change. Keep a look out on all of our social networks sites for updates!

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