Making it work

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And unfortunately, this applies to the world of event planning too. An unexpected thunderstorm, lost registration, or no Wifi have all been unexpected obstacles in our event planning.

A couple of months ago, I planned a friend’s birthday party. “Don’t worry, its your birthday. I’ll handle everything,” I told her. I thought I had everything under control. I sent out invitations, made dinner reservations, and even planned a night out on the town. I just overlooked one minor detail — I forgot to tell her when and where to show up. Whoops!

Or, take for example the infamous “Dinner Crashers” who breached security when they crashed the U.S. state dinner in November 2009. Although I don’t expect many of us to require the Secret Service at our events, this just goes to show that even having them there doesn’t spell success.

Planning an event can have so many steps that you might overlook the most obvious of details. Lucky for me my buddy was understanding when I called her an hour before our dinner reservation to tell her where to show up, but when planning events with clients we aren’t all so lucky.

So readers, how has Murphy’s Law interfered with your events? Leave a comment and tell us how you turned your event into a success even when things went wrong

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