How to entertain your kids on campus

So you’ve come to UC Davis for a conference, and since you’re using this trip as an excuse to vacation in California, you’ve brought the kids along. But how can you keep them busy while you’re doing your “grown-up” things? They could hang out in the hotel room all day watching TV. Or, they could do one of several awesome things on campus for kids keep busy.

Luckily for conference attendees at UC Davis, our campus has a ton of fun things for kids to do, and we have more than just macaroni necklaces. The University has a museum dedicated to insects: the Bohart Entomology Museum. Let your kids buzz around the museum and take a peek at all the creepy-crawlies. If your kids are a little more comfortable with birds than with bugs, (let’s face it, who’s not?), then stop by the California Raptor Center, an educational museum with birds of prey.

And those museums are just the beginning. We have a bowling alley and arcade area located beneath the Memorial Union (convenient for parents who might need to stop by the Conference and Event Services office on the 4th floor), so you can let your kids play while you meet with one of our event coordinators.

While you mingle with colleagues at a conference, let your kids run, play and splash at our various recreational centers on campus. Kids can swim at the recreation pool for just $4 or they can try out our rock climbing wall, located in the Activities and Recreation Center.

If macaroni necklaces are your thing, worry not, we’ve got a craft center that can keep your kids busy with all sorts of activities, and you’ll probably end up with more decorations for your refrigerator to boot.

Who knows, with all of the activities on campus, maybe your kids will be so busy they won’t want to visit the rest of California after your conference is finished.

On second thought, Disneyland sounds pretty good too.


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