Plan Green: The Stretch Run

Happy Friday! Friday really should just be a holiday; talk about pleasing the masses. How nice does sleeping in, making a nice breakfast with some quality TV sound for three days a week instead of two? No point in dreaming, I suppose.

We here at Conference and Event Services do not fit the bill of these 3-day weekend desires. We are really excited to be planning what’s shaping up to be a great event. On Wednesday, February 16th, join us for the annual Plan Green Showcase. With over 300 caterers and vendors planning to attend, collaborate with peers from all over and learn how to plan environmentally sustainable events. Think about if this was a New Year’s resolution for 2011. How happy would Mother Nature be? More importantly, how happy would Al Gore be? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Jokes aside, the load-in times begin bright and early at 8am and the event will run until 1:30pm and take place in Freeborn Hall. If interested, make sure to check out our website and sign up before January 17th to pay our early bird fee of just $195! Be assured that there will be an extremely diverse crowd and much can be taken out of a wide scale event like this. We are ecstatic with the planning progress this far and simply tying up all the loose ends to make this showcase truly a great one.

Have a great weekend and try and stay warm through this (sad) winter weather!

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