Marketing, marketing, marketing

Everyone’s hopping on that up and coming social media marketing bandwagon. It’s an online marketing phase that figures to only expand in the coming years.

This leads us to a logical question: at what point do we stop? With “free” marketing at our finger tips through laptops, tablets and a variety of cellular devices, there surely needs to be an answer. Whether it’s an event you are planning, or simply for your business, one definitely needs to ask that question. At UC Davis Conference and Events, we strive to share with you what we have to offer through various statuses, pictures and videos. We are extremely excited about the services we have to offer, and invite you to check out our promotional items as a way to get to know everything we have to offer. What have you heard about Mini G Dan?

Just a simple Friday reflection helps puts things in perspective sometimes, and what better way than a blog? As always, check out our website at Make sure to follow us on Facebook so you can be the first to hear about everything we do:

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