Wedding, Wedding, Who’s Having a Wedding?

Tuesday March 1

Earlier last week UC Davis Conference and Event Services staff members Katrina Evans and Adrianne Bataska had a booth at the Dream Wedding Showcase at California Expo. On that cold Sunday morning Katrina and Adrianne set out to inform brides all over the region about UC Davis’s beautiful facilities and great services for their special day.

The day proved to be promising as Katrina and Adrianne were give numerous words of praise for not only their great knowledge of the wedding planning industry, but for an outstanding booth design as well.

Take a look at the recap of this year’s Dream Wedding Showcase by CES Marketing Manager Katrina Evans, and remember when choosing UC Davis: Everything you need, is already here.

Adrianne and I attended the Dream Wedding Showcase at Cal Expo on Sunday, February 20. With over 1,000 attendees Adrianne and I met brides, grooms and their families all day and introduced them to the possibility of having their weddings at UC Davis. Our booth was one of the prettiest in the building! We kept our trademark black/grey/yellow theme for the wedding show and had lovely compacts and lip glosses for the brides. A special thank you goes out to Favor Warehouse ( and Blue Bee Printing ( for assisting us with the fabulous give-away items. The CES Team had fun and enjoyed showcasing the University facilities at the bridal show.

-Marketing Manager, Katrina Evans

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