Friday update – Picnic Day, Facebook and more!

Hello to all on this gorgeous Friday afternoon. It’s that time of year around here at UC Davis. It is that Friday before Picnic day. Spend five minutes walking around campus and you will find Coca-Cola trucks stationed and ready to supply. Tents are being set up in the quad, at the Silo, in downtown. Mascot cows are walking around handing out a schedule of events. Travel plans are being made with friends and family looking to attend the largest, student-run event in the nation. This year’s expected attendance: 125,000 visitors. Showcasing the talent, achievements and history of the University, Picnic Day provides fun and education for all ages through events and various activities. With such liveliness, we ask you all to be safe while enjoying Davis’ most prized day. Make memories, explore town, but be safe.

In the office, we are starting a promotion raffling off an iPod shuffle. We want to engage and interact with our users as we showcase our facilities and event planning services. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and regularly check for status updates about how you can win great prizes! Have a great weekend everyone.


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