Green Your Event

Here’s a tip we found about event preparation that you can incorporate into your own green event!

Decorate with creativity – not disposables.

“Don’t purchase decorations you use once and toss – use compostable, recycled and recyclable options.

…look outdoors for decorations such as flowers, unique foliage/plants, rocks, interesting branches, fall leaves, etc. Look to farmers markets for freshly cut, organically grown flowers. Highlight the time of year by filling tall glass vases with seasonal produce like lemons, limes, cranberries and winter squash, or with pinecones, leaves and rocks.


Turn searching for recycled decorations at yard sales or thrift stores into a scavenger hunt with the kids. Old clothes are especially useful; they inspire creativity and there are plenty around to reuse. For example, cut up checked clothing for napkins at a Raggedy Ann party, use shiny fabrics for signs or table decorations for a Star Wars theme, and wrap plain glasses in the colors of the season and tie with raffeta.

Choose tablecloths made of organic cotton or hemp. Buy the unbleached, brown paper napkins, or make your own reusable ones from ready-to-recycle, colorful clothing.

Use petroleum free candles like bees wax or soy candles. These natural candles don’t emit sooty fumes and produce a pure and clean-burning flame.”


(Source: The Global Warming Diet)

This is a post in an ongoing series to provide you with tips to make any event you are planning–from weddings and conferences to birthday parties or tonight’s dinner–more sustainable, less wasteful, and ultimately: more green.

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