Aggie Girls Make the Impossible, Possible

It’s always interesting to see what Aggies are doing after they graduate. The adventures of Brittany Smith, Natalie Smith, and Christina Chin are no exception. The trio are contenders on ABC’s show “Expedition Impossible.”

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can deter the 13 three-person teams racing across the exotic Kingdom of Morocco in hopes of claiming the prize of a new Ford Explorer and $50,000 for each winning teammate.

Brittany, Natalie, and Christina met while attending UC Davis and competing on the Aggie athletic circuit. They are now “Team California Girls,” challenging fierce opponents like “Team No Limits,” “Team New York Firemen,” and “Team Grandpa’s Warriors.”

In a recent interview with The California Aggie, Christina Chin declared, “I’m so proud to represent Davis…For me, it was about having a personal experience with my teammates, who all graduated from Davis and had a great time at Davis, but at the same time I really wanted to be a part of putting Davis on the map.”

Five teams have already been eliminated, but the “California Girls” are still in the running. Tune into ABC tonight at 9 pm and cheer our Aggies on!


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