Unique Venues Annual Gathering

Ellie and Lina at the Unique Venues conference last weekend.

It was Las Vegas or bust for Lina (CES Director) and Ellie (CES Sales and Outreach Manager) last weekend at the Unique Venues’ Annual Member Gathering. The event was hosted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with the slogan of “winning more business!”

The first day discussed sales techniques with helpful sessions that talked about everything from dealing with over-scheduling and under-staffing to following leads and reaching a signed contract. The second day covered marketing and imparted many pearls of wisdom such as “Story + Strategy = Sales.”

Lina and Ellie also had the chance to explore the city and make many new friends. From watching the Bellagio water fountain show to strolling amid the beautiful details of the Wynn hotel, you can bet that the rest of the CES office was jealous we couldn’t be there in person.

Overall, Lina says it was: “a great two day session. It was a wonderful learning and networking opportunity. The presenters, UV team, and UNLV were fantastic!” Ellie adds, “It was great getting to know so many new people. There was also a great deal about sales, which is what I do, so I learned a lot and loved it! ” It was certainly a productive weekend in Las Vegas. The CES office took away many ideas and lessons that we can’t wait to put into practice. Until next year, Unique Venues!

Here are some pictures from the gathering:



  1. Great post! And I love the photos 🙂

  2. Thanks! It was great seeing Armando there, too. Looking forward to seeing you guys at ACCD-I Regional!

  3. Glad to see you had fun visiting our campus! We enjoyed getting to share our lives with you. Come back anytime!

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