Gonna Miss the Pork

After 22 years of working magic on our various electronics and wreaking havoc in the office, we are sad to say yesterday was Mark’s last day at CES. We’ll miss him and his sense of humor–but maybe not his habit of eating all our food–and we thought we would share his parting words with you all:

Good afternoon,

The time has finally come where soon your pork will be safe… I’m moving on.

After 22+ years with CBO/CEIO/CEVS/CES, I have accepted a position with the Medical Center and will finally “graduate” from UC Davis. My last day here will be [Wednesday, October 3].

During the 22 years, I have gained 6 inches on my waist, 35 lbs on the scale, and a few hundred points on the cholesterol test. Along the way, I also learned how to program (sort of), be less of a jerk (still work in progress), manage IT assets (well NOT mis-manage really), and how to develop and keep business applications working (lots of praying and crossed fingers).

I’ve also made lifelong friends, held co-worker’s babies and seen their kids grow up, witness coworkers getting married, got married myself while sharing beans that continue to give back, and watch office romance bloom and blossom. This truly has been a great place to work and even a better place to live life away from my house.

No one ever believed me when I’ve said that I love working here. Well here’s the secret truth, I really do.

But, as they say, all good things come to an end. As a token of my gratitude for the years that you all suffered under my burgeoning beltline, I offer 22+ years of pig-related re-gifts. Starting Tuesday, September 25, come on by my office and choose your favorite token to remember me by. You can put it on your desk and every now and then feed it bacon. It’ll be like I’ve never left.

With a humble heart, thank you all!


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