Mad Meeting Planners

CES experienced a blast from the past when Lina (Director), Katrina (Marketing Manager), Ellie (Sales and Outreach Manager), and Teresa (Senior Manager) attended the Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors (ACCED-I) Region 2 Fall Summit this past weekend. The conference was wonderfully organized and we were able to learn a great deal about what other campuses in Region 2 (California and Nevada) are doing.

Since the conference was hosted by Krysta Rudnick and her team at UC Berkeley, CES had the opportunity to explore the university on Thursday afternoon. Our student guide, Jack S., was certainly a character and shared many fun stories and told us about the traditions at Cal.

Katrina says, “I liked touring the UC Berkeley campus and seeing their beautiful library. I love a good library!” The Bancroft Library is a building with exquisite details and home to eerie things like a book bound in human skin (specifically, the author’s). We also found out that UC Berkeley houses the second largest most complete skeleteon of a T. rex.

The sessions themselves were incredibly informative. Everyone had the opportunity to report their greatest achievements and challenges from the past year and round table rotations allowed further discussion on relevant topics like on-campus events, sales/marketing, and student training. An added bonus was skyping ACCED-I President Dan Gette and getting a “sneak peek” of the annual conference in Toronto next March.

Ellie mentions that she “learned a lot about the similarities and differences we each have in approaching events on our individual campuses.” Katrina added that she enjoyed, “meeting so many of my counterparts from other UCs, CSUs and private universities within the region and learning about how the other schools run their conference programs and how different many of them are from UC Davis!”

Last, but not least, was one of our favorite parts of the conference: the Mad Men themed dinner! Everyone met in the Hotel Durant lobby dressed to the nines in ’60s attire and headed over for dinner at the Paragon restaurant in the beautiful Claremont Hotel. It was a fun evening of networking and eating delicious food!

Overall, it was an educational and motivating summit for the CES team. We can’t wait for the ACCED-I Annual Conference in March and hopefully we’ll see everyone there!


  1. Love the photos 🙂

    It was great seeing the UCD CES team, as well as all of our ACCED-I colleagues!

  2. Nic Mansilla

    Great blog! Great pictures! It was great meeting y’all as well.

  3. Thanks everyone! We had fun with you all and learned a lot from the summit. Hopefully we can all meet up again at the Annual Conference!

  4. Love the blog post, ladies! It was wonderful having you all at UC Berkeley. Can’t wait for the annual conference!

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