We Love Love

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Do you have any special plans? Cue the romance with some of our lovely themed tips for throwing a fête even Cupid will be jealous of.

Click on the images below for more inspiration or browse our Pinterest board for even more ideas!

– Personalize your card with a picture of a famous couple or a picture of you and your other half on a heart-shaped card.
– Have the cards filled with various love quotes

– Have the venue filled with red, pink, and white candles and keep the lights dim to create a very intimate feel to the room.
– Place a heart-shaped arch at the entrance of the venue.
– Fill your house with flowers, either real or made with tissue papers and pipe cleaners.
– Fill the room with red and white confetti.
– Heart balloons are a must.
– Have some nice valentine theme plates and utensils

– Fill the party with red drinks like red wine, cranberry juice and so on.
– A heart shaped cake can be great desert and decoration
– Fill the party with red and white lights, possibly some heart shaped ones as well.
– Red and pink plastic champagne glasses make the dining table an eye catcher.
– Make some red velvet cupcakes and have each person/couple decorate them.

– The Kissing Game : In this game, a time limit is set for the players wherein females have to kiss their partners on the cheek as many times as possible. The count is based on the number of lipstick marks. The couple who manages to pull off maximum kisses wins.
– The Newlywed Game: The next game consists of a couple of questions in which both partners are handed over a questionnaire that contains a set of questions about each other. A time limit is set and the questions are meant to be answered separately. Later, the answers are matched. The maximum number of correct answers about each other shows compatibility
– Tiny Dancers: The dancing couple has to move together on a piece of paper for about 2 minutes, following which, the paper is folded in half and the dancing continues. This process is continued until one or both of the partners slip outside the paper. This automatically renders them out of the competition. After each round, the piece of paper gets smaller and smaller. The couple that dances until the end of the game on the smallest piece of paper wins the game.

Happy planning!


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