The 5 Things You Never Want to Forget at Your Event

Events are always a flurry of planning, creating, and inviting! But this flurry of excitement may slip some things by you. Here is a list of the top things to make sure your event goes without a snag. 

  1. Take too many photos- Take more photos than you think you need, but this does not necessarily mean quantity over quality. Retain quality pictures but just more of them! With more pictures you have the ability to truly select the pictures that are the best. While as, if you have a small amount of photographs from your event you lack the ability to be picky. And most of all, you can never re-create your event, so this is your chance to take pictures!
    polaroid weddding
  2. Fit your event to the season- If you are having a Summer event don’t try to serve hot coffees or soup appetizers. Go for a cooling palette. Serve iced teas and coffee’s with seasonal fruits and veggies! Also, think of the decor, you don’t want to have the rich deep and saturated colors of Winter during these Spring and upcoming Summer months.outdoor-wedding-summer-foodspringcolors
  3. Don’t forget the kids! – If you invited families, don’t forget to make this event just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids. Incorporate a kid-feel to the adult foods and activities to maintain the elegance or theme of the event . These guests might even be harder to please than the older guests…cookie drinks
  4. View your event as a guest rather than a host- This will allow you to cover all of your bases and nothing is left short. For example, when setting tables and seats to face a stage, is the sun in your face? Where will the sun set? Is the flow of entrance to seats easy and clear without complicated instructions? If you remove yourself from seeing the overall event and the planning details, and act as an attendee, your event will be successful.outdoorsetup
  5. Trust in yourself, your work, and enjoy your event– No one likes a worry wart at a party, so don’t let yourself get caught up in the minute details that may go a wry during your event. Trust that you have planned to your best abilities and enjoy the product of your work!



What do you think? Should this list be longer? What have you learned from your events and is a ‘must-have’ to hosting? Comment below or Facebook message us with pictures or your experience and event! The best event response could be featured here on our blog and our Facebook page!




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