Wedding Wednesday!

With the hype of the Great Gatsby movie, Art Deco has become a common theme at weddings. The elegance of the 1920’s and the lively nature of the ‘flapper’ age is a truly stunning theme of a nuptials event.

art deco hairThink of the iconic couture of the Roaring 20’s. We have seen the increasing trend of bejeweled head bands and hair pieces. The beading intricacy of the accessories adds an instant elegance to your wedding.

Don’t be afraid to really be daring with beading. Beading was the main form of accesory during this period. To make it more modern, allow the beading on your dress and hair speak for itself, and limit the bold colors. Aim for more muted colors such as blush pinks, whites, pastel blues, and black.




artdecoinvites      When sending invitations remember to use a crisp clean desgin. The twenties and the style of Art Deco has crisp and bold lines mimicking the masculine yet also feminine attitude of the time.

We especially love the subtle flair of Art Deco typography that sets the tone for a stunning and chic wedding for your guests.

There are many typographers who sell their work on Etsy that can create very Art Deco invitiations, seat labels, etc for your roaring wedding reception. If you truly want a unique wedding invite be sure to use Etsy, many shops works are hand drawn and one of a kind.




artdecocakeThe biggest trend of the Art Deco period, is geometry. You want lines, dresses, cakes, and all decor to be very
straight cut and distinct. For your cake, think of lines as your decoration, varying in thicknesses. They can overlap, and go in any direction as long as you stay with lines and do not cross over to any other shape.






artdecodress2For your dress, you want long verticle lines. The 1920’s featured females wanting a boyish shape, so think long rectangles for your gown. Remember, be daring and go with bold beading. Art Deco is a theme that exudes elegance. Wear a long gown with long pieces of jewlery to acetuate the rectagle shapes of the theme.

Art Deco design also allows you to break beyond the traditional color gowns. Instead of a cream or ecru, try a faint blush pink or goregous slate gray. This will make your weddomg both vintage chic and modern.


How do you feel about the Art Deco theme? Was  your Wedding a Gatsby-esque soiree? Let us know in the comments.

Also, give us a theme you would want us to talk about!

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