Green Your Event

With Spring comes lovely weather to host outside gatherings and perfect natural colors for decor. The newest trend in both event decorating and sustainability is ‘upcycling’ items beyond their intended purpose and giving your event a vintage feel.

Being green is absolutely easy when all of the items you need to decorate a perfect spring event is hiding in your garage or old shed! Give those glass jars, bottles, and books a new life!

flowercenterpiecesMason Jars: Boy oh boy, have we seen an increase in the use of mason jars at weddings and events. They’re no longer just for storing jams and jellies. The trend of mason jars as cups, center pieces, table laterns, and soap dispensers is at an all time high. They are a staple to your spring vintage event. We suggest scouring local thrift shops and hardware stores. Even try using the empty pasta sauce containers you may have in your recycling bin. Many craft stores will sell palettes of mason jars but if you want the vintage “Bell” kind, you’re going to have to really scour thrift shops or garage sales which is half of the event fun! If you are really having trouble finding the perfect set of Mason jars, Etsy shall be your best friend! Not only are you finding the perfect set of Mason jars you are helping a small buisness somewhere in America!   book label Books: A perfect way to create a centerpiece without flowers or to form a pedestal for food or deserts is by stacking old books upon one another. You have the ability to manipulate the height of the pedestal and the feel of your event with the type of books you chose. Your local thrift shop or attic should have tons of nicely aged books.

upcycle glass bottles

Glass bottles: Don’t let those emptied coca-cola bottles go to the recycle bin. Get some twine or paint and cover their exterior to transform them into centerpieces or seat labels.

One beautiful and green DIY uses old glass bottles, painting their outside black and using a white paint pen or chalk to write a message or fun phrase.



CES wants to see your upcycled Spring events!

Comment below with your pictures of the above or your own creations!

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We’d love to see how you are celebrating Spring!


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