The Perfect Picnic: 4 Easy Steps

Spring time is the best time! All the flowers are blooming and the last of the winter snow is melting from the sun that is finally out and shining! Enjoy this beautiful time with a classic picnic with friends, family, and each other.


Keep the invite fun and lively. Picnics and Springtime are for fun and light-hearted celebrations of the fantastic season!

Spring is all about flowers! Visit your local florist and pick out flowers, the number depending on how many guests. Take some ribbon and a piece of cardstock. Write all information about your gathering on the cardstock and punch a hole into the cardstock and string it with ribbon around the flower.

Blanket or Bench

picnictimeBlankets are the classic picnic staple. But sitting on just a blanket could make your guests feel uncomfortable. Four our picnics we love using pillows and a coffee table. This gives your picnic the earthy feel but more comfy! Goodwill and garage sales are a gold mine of seat pillows.








picnicbenchesBenches are amazing picnic seating because it allows you to have fun with center pieces and chair decor. Take a look at our post about ‘greening’ your event for your center pieces. We really love using glassware as vases. It keeps your event cheap and relaxed!









pickuppicnicThe Spring weather always brings about the wonderful fruits and veggies we can’t enjoy any other season. Here is the list of fruits and veggies of this season.

Here are our favorites:

Artichokes & Spinach: nothing beats an amazing artichoke and spinach dip with some warm sourdough bread or pita chips on a spring afternoon.

Strawberries, Honeydew, Mangoes, Lychee: all of the sweetest fruit come this spring, take advantage of it!






If you can, make your way to a grassy field or maybe a flower patch! Nature is always an excellent venue. If you are lucky enough to be here in Davis, the UC Davis Arboretum is a must for a perfect picnic! From the Oak groves to the forever long patches of grass, the Arboretum is the perfect place for your spring gathering.arb

If you are in a building or the city, rooftop picnics are your venue. Although you don’t have the grass of a traditional picnic, the rooftop of a building gives you the amazing view of the skies and the fresh air of a picnic. A rooftop picnic crosses the vintage with the modern. Be sure to take advantage of the structure of the rooftop by using lots of flowers and decor. A building gives you so much space to create!rooftop



What are you picnic must-haves or favorite springtime memories?

Have you ever had a picnic at the Arboretum?

Show us how you picnic!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and share your events with us on our Facebook!

Comment below your spring events!



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