Wedding Wednesday!

The top trend of 2014 weddings is a rustic-vintage theme. This makes us reminisce on our lovely opportunity to make Lauren and Ben’s day special here at UC Davis at the Putah Creek Lodge.  From succulents as center pieces and clothes pins and twine, Lauren and Ben’s nuptials really embraced the rustic theme. You could say their wedding was every Pinterest fan’s dream!

The Putah Creek Lodge of UC Davis is the perfect venue for an intimate yet elegant wedding. The lodge really caters to a vintage wedding. In the beautiful Arboretum, the beauty of the nature surrounding the lounge truly adds a rustic backdrop.3 Placecards

For a rustic wedding, handmade is the way to go! Lauren and Ben had wonderful handmade felt signs guests got to wave congratulating the couple.5 Signage

Each of the decorations added such a personal touch to their wedding day. Working with Lauren and Ben and making their day as amazing as them was an absolute pleasure.

2 DetailsFrom reception decor to their vows, their day was surely memorable and fun for all who attended.

          4 Inside PCL

 You can find more pictures of their day and their video here!

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