Event Planning Tip: Color

It is a common known that color is a universal language. Whether you want to convey a serious event using darker hues or the vibrancy with electric tones, colors play an important role in your event planning.

Specific color palettes usher in a specific guest reaction, here are our formulated combinations:

  • pastel blue, blush pink, and gold: This combination can mean multiple things, from a subdued elegance event or a haute couture affair.
  • black, electric pink, and cream: Now we love this combination because it has an inherently fun attitude. The splash of the electric pink naturally brightens the dark nature of the black and gives your event a classy but so fun feel!

For example, for our 2013 Hero’s Run we incorporated the saturated iconic comic book colors of rich hues and clean lines. The color scheme and design of your event truly conveys the message of the purpose and overall feel of the event.

FINAL Highlight Picture

(PS. Hero’s Run will be back in the fall so keep your eyes and ears open for the call all you heroes and side-kicks!)

For more information on the language color check out this article that we are just fascinated with by BizBash.


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