Wedding Wednesday!

We’re having fun this Wedding Wednesday bringing you the most fun ideas for your wedding, so its not all stress and seriousness. 


They’re not just for cupcakes and baked goodies anymore. Give your guests a cone or bag of sprinkles for a fun walk back down the aisle. The sprinkles are better photographed than the tradtional rice or flower petals. For a bright pictures pick up some bright sprinkles and let your guests have some extra fun with your send off!

sprinkles send off

Mismatching bridesmaids dresses

Each of your bridesmaids were chosen for a reason, they each have their own personalities. Why not put these personalities into their dresses! We love the mismatched look of wedding dresses.


Just remember to keep some things the same for all the dresses so they are all different but still cohesive.

  • Length: keep the length the same so whether it is short or long, keeping the length the same will allow your bridesmaids to have fun with straps, accories, beading etc.
  • Material: Keeping the material the same will allow for pictures and standing next to you making your vows still unified and complete.
  • Color palette: If you are brave enough, you could do a palette of different colors depending on how many bridesmaids you have. Just be sure to stay within complimentary colors. We like the ombre trend of picking one color and choosing variant shades within that color.

 Mother-grandmother-daughter ring photos or Flower girl photos

If it is possible, getting a picture of the brides wedding ring, mother or new mother-in-law, and grandmother or new grandmother-in-law with their wedding rings is a touching photograph that each of you will cherish. Must have wedding photos: Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter Wedding Ring

Flower girl photographs are quite possibly the cutest wedding photographs we have ever seen! These pictures give the bride a break from trying to look as flawless and elegant as possible. The flower girls are naturally cute so the bride has a chance to have some fun with them. This is also a great wedding present for when those little girls get married themselves!


Instagram hashtag

Don’t waste your honeymoon to go through your instagram feed to find the wedding through the eyes of your guests. Use a hashtag that is specific to your wedding so you can have access to photos that the photgrapher may not have been able to capture. The special moments between your guests or when you and your new spouse weren’t ready for a snapshot.



As a  bride or groom have you used these fun ideas at your wedding?

What do you think of this list?

Let us know!

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