Green Tip: Utensils

The life of a spoon or fork is just for food, but not anymore! Recycle those sad spoons and forks for so many other things. 

Coat hooks

Take those forks and bend the prongs to however you want; rock on, i love you, and peace. Then bend at the halfway point of the handle of the fork upwards. Drill into the ‘hand’ portion of the fork into wherever you would like to place it. And now you have some friendly coat or painting hooks!

recycle your old forks. Towel rack in kitchen or to hold utensils.


Stamped Spoons

Stamping a spoon with words, phrases, or a message is a great way to upcycle old silverware. Once stamped, the uses of these is endless. For your garden you can label all of you different growing vegetables for gifts you can wish the celebrant a happy birthday or inspiring words. The possibilities are endless and always cute.

stamped spoons


Take advantage the beautiful details of the utensil handle end, and create a beautiful  ring. Or use the curved spoon mouth. We love the idea of using the prongs of the fork and curving them into studding shapes.

Vintage Violet Spoon Cuff Bracelet Sterling Silver R by Spoonier, $75.00

fork ring

How do you upcylce your utensils or odds and ends in your home?

Let us know and we could feature you!

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