Wedding Wednesday: Break from the Old

There are some unsaid wedding rules we never break (ie. the bride should always be the most stunning, bridesmaids as second), but who says we can’t break some of them? Here are our favorite wedding ‘rules’ broken.

The Dance Floor

Instead of using the tired wood dance platform, go for a vintage thrifted rug. This adds a natural dance area but with a wonderful rustic feel.

We’re also sure your guests who wore heels would love you for it!

dance floor DIY

The Wedding “color”

Who said you have to pick just one color? Go for a palette of 2 to 3 or even 4 to really expand your wedding decor. 2 or 3 colors allow a lively variation while giving you a streamlined theme. We like using the varying shade of just one color, and picking a base color, and then one shade lighter or one shade darker to the base. Or even choosing 2 complimentary colors and then a 3rd shade of a neutral color, like cream or ivory.

This allows your bridesmaids to wear a dress of one of the colors of your palette and have a mismatched look but still a unified wedding decor.

color palette

Table Garlands

For the ultimate reception of elegance, don’t let the table garland stop at the end, let it continue and fall to the ground. Think of big beautiful flowers filling the table but still leaving a comfortable amount of space for guests to enjoy their meals.

We think the best flowers for this type of garland are hydrangeas, for their fullness and flat bottom. But don’t let that stop you from choosing any flower, just think full and bountiful.

table garland

What are your favorite ‘wedding rules’ to break?

What are some tired unsaid wedding traditions you want us to modernize?

Let us know!

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