DIY: Summer Fun

Its summer! Which means lots of time for adventures of all sorts. Here are our favorite summer DIY’s and how to’s!

1. Homemade Chalk

This is perfect for hot summer nights and after barbecques. Made from items from your home, you can entertain your kids and the kid spirit in you for hours. Nothing reminds us more of the summers in our childhoods like sidewalk flowers and doodles.

All you need is

  • cardboard tubes (paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls)
  • duct tape
  • freezer paper
  • recycled plastic containers
  • tempera paint (in whatever colors you want)
  • water
  • mixing spoon
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Rubber spatula
  • cooling rack

To start, take the paper towel roll and cut it to desired length, or if using toilet paper roll use as is. Take the duct tape and seal off one end of the roll, making sure it is completely sealed.

Next, cut the freezer paper into 6-inch squares and line the rolls. In a plastic container, mix plaster of paris as directed, in correct ratio, being sure to first mix 2 tablespoons of desired color of tempera paint with the water used to make the plaster. Mix slowly while adding Plaster to water/paint mixture, until completely combined. Then while using the rubber spatula to fill each tube with the mixture finish by tapping the tube on the work surface to release the air bubbles.

This mixture will be set in an hour and remove them from the cardboard tube after 2 hours. To remove the chalk first peel the duct tape, then the tube itself. Lastly pulling off the freezer paper. Now place the chalkboard piece on the cooling rack and let it dry and harden completely (1-3 days) before you can use it.



2. Tie Dye

A summer classic and staple, tie dye is a fun way to take all of your old white tshirts and make them bright!

tie dye


3. Summer picnic

The UC Davis arboretum or University Quad is perfect for a summer picnic from friends. Read our summer recipe post for the perfect filled picnic basket.

picnic basket


What are your summer plans? How do you celebrate summer?

Let us know and we will feature you!

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