20th GENI Conference

From June 21-24, we hosted the 20th GENI conference. At the UC Davis Conference Center and Alumni Center, GENI taught its attendees various tutorials to advance their virtual technological experimentation and education. Sessions varied from General Interest to Experimenter and Developer targeted.

The UC Davis Conference Center was perfect for their various tutorials in an intimate yet professional setting. Each tutorial received their own room and attendees were free to flow from each tutorial in the stunning Conference Center. The ballroom of the Conference Center was perfect for the overall Demo of the GENI Conference where attendees showcased their work with the GENI system.


The Alumi Center offered the AGR room and the Founders room as beautiful settings for each of the lecturers and sessions. The AGR room showcased the overall work of GENI in the gorgeous octagonal shape of the room.


For the newcomers, there were tutorials and sessions tailored to teaching the various GENI processes at a beginners level.


GENI stand for “Global Enviroment for Network Innovations” and their goal is to bring forth a virtual laboratory for reasearch and experiment. “It is well suited for exploring networks at scale, thereby promoting innovations in network science, security, services and applications.”


You can explore more here at their website.

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