Wedding Wednesday: Floral Desserts

The newest trend that we have just fallen in love with is fresh flowers on cakes! Yes you read that right, real fresh blossoms on that beautifully tiered desert. 

At first a very strange idea, but frosting flowers can never truly replace the real thing. So why not put them on your wedding cake!

floral cake3

We are stunned by the simple elegance of fresh flowers on cakes. This allows the flowers and cake speak for itself without over the top piping or frosting decor.

floral cake1

The varying shades of each flower allow for an expansion of your wedding color palette. By mixing different flowers you can create gorgeous textures and colors for an otherwise plain cake. We love the cake above because of its “dirty icing” giving the cake a nice urban textyre while still remaining elegant with bright blossoms.

floral cake2

Beyond just the beauty of the flowers themselves, you can use as many or as little flowers as you want. Small amounts of flowers give the cake a simple elegance while bunches of flowers give the cake a luxuriously chic look.

floral cake4

If you are hesitant to use fresh flowers on your cake, you can always opt for plastic imitation florals that will last forever.

What do you think of fresh (or fake) flowers as a cake accesory?

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