Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids

A girl can’t say ‘I do’ without the gals that where there before the dream guy. So were writing about those special girls that will stand by you when you tie the knot. 

A Bridesmaids Party

Throw a special get together just for your special girls. Ask them in a intimate but still festive way! Go all out for the girls that are always there.



There are two opportunities for gift giving to bridesmaids. One asking them to be a bridesmaid and secondly through a wedding day gift. Here we have compiled some of our favorites.




On the Big Day

Robes: they are perfect for the moments between hair, makeup, and putting on the perfect dresses. Get them personalized or a cute print for all!




What did you give your bridesmaids on your big day?

Show us how you use these ideas above and we will feature you on our next ‘Wedding Wednesday’ post!

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  1. In a wedding the bride has her song but there is no entrance song for the groom. There is now. “Sweetheart – The Groom’s Song”. The song declares the groom’s love for his bride as he walks out. Quite emotional. It’s also great for the first dance. I have a 1 minute version coming out. Feel free to use it. Look for “Sweetheart” at

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