Wedding Wednesday: Glitter

The days of being a little girl obsessed with princesses and fairy tales are not gone when you tie the knot. So we have brought you the best ways to make your wedding day sparkle.


We love this wedding that used a glittered arrow on the floor. Whimisical and practical this decoration leads your guests in the right direction. glitter arrow

 Glitter Sugar

Perfect for champagne glasses and desserts! Sprinkle wedding magic and dazzle your reception guests. The stunning gold is perfect with the blush of the champagne. glitter sugar cupcake glitter

Table numbers

How stunning are these table numbers? What a way to get your guests attention! Get large wooden or cardboard letters, coat with ModPodge or scrapbook glue and then sprinkle generously with glitter. glitter table number

Flower girls

For the ceremony and the photos use glitter instead of the classic flowers! A glittered aisle is the perfect touch for a princess marrying her charming prince. glitter photo

How much do you love glitter?

What did you do for your wedding day?

Let us know!

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