Wedding Wednesday: Beat the Heat

Whether your own wedding is this summer or you are attending nuptials, summertime is a scorcher. Here is how to stay cool and happy during a summertime wedding!

Photos & Ceremony

The sun is hottest during mid-day, so opt for pictures or the ceremony for early in the morning or late at night. Night photos are very unique and a break from the tired day time wedding photographs. Early morning photos can capture a soft and elegant light and your make up and hair will be perfect! Just stay away from that mid-day heat.


Get a tent for your guests and a whole floor not just a dance floor. So guests can kick off their shoes and dance and not burn the bottoms of their feet!

Also, tell your DJ to play more slow songs more frequently as the temperature increases. This will encourage your guests to rest and drink some water. Be sure to keep drinks very chilled. Save alcoholic drinks for evenings when the temperature and sun go down. Keep food light and fresh, stay away from heavy meats and hot soups or stews. Go for a fruit based salad, like a strawberry-spinach mix, and a fish entrée like a grilled salmon and string beans combination. This will keep your guests cool despite the temperature. And of course finish with a sorbet or fruit tarts as dessert!

Beauty Routine

Apply a primer before your foundation to ensure a sweat-proof all day foundation. And set your make up with a setting spray. Our female staff like keeping a mineral spray in their purses to spray throughout the day to revive your face in the heat.

For hair, try a fun curled ponytail or a high top knot to keep hair out of your face and back. For a male date, opt for just a dress shirt with vest than a full suit and tie. This will keep you cool and put together!


 Keep cool and try out our tips!

What have you used to keep cool during summer weddings?

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