Wedding Wednesday: Keeping it Simple

One of the biggest rising trends of the fashion and wedding world is a minimalist design. From soft delicate jewelry to tiny details of decor, minimalism has eclipsed the fashion world. Here is our guide to a simple yet stunning wedding day.


When getting ready for your big day, opt for long delicate pieces. From long necklaces with pendants to soft studs, keep your look simple with highlights of subtle sparkle.

necklaceWe love delicate mid-finger (right about your middle knuckle) rings to give your hands a delicate feel and highlight that perfect wedding ring.

midi ringsReception or Ceremony decor

Play upon the beauty of your venue and go for tiny details to highlight the natural beauty. Use soft delicate decor of garlands and soft fonts. Begin with invitations to set the whole wedding tone of delicate minimalism.

inviteUse single blossoms in clear or frosted  vases as table centerpieces. Set a single type of flower and color to keep your entire event at a minimalist feel and cohesive.

lillyFor glassware and eating utensils opt for clear crisp glasses that match your centerpiece vases. This keeps your reception clean, bright and cohesive.

straightOpt for straight shaped glasses and the modern wine glass without stems. It gives off a vibe of futuristic couture.

wine glass


Let the natural beauty of your bridesmaids shine with simple dresses and a single statement accessory. Use their accessories to double as their  bridesmaids gifts. Each is unique and delicate fulfilling your minimalistic design.headband

How do you feel about the minimalism design?

Do you think less is more or more is just right?

Let us know!

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