Wedding Wednesday: 5 Wedding-Musts

We have made a list of wedding must-haves for your wedding day. Save yourself nuptial regrets and follow these wedding rules.

1. Serve food fast and early

Don’t wait too long to feed your attendees. They will compensate with alcoholic drinks or become unhappy guests. You don’t need to splurge on spreads of hors d’oeuvre. Go for even a small fruit and cheese platter and that will keep your friends and family prepped for the main entrée.

hors d'oeurves

2. Getting two types of photos

Don’t just settle for the watermarked photos of your photographer. Ask for the non-watermarked ones for printing, for thank you cards for gifts and photo albums. Use the watermarked photos for that new profile picture and Instagram posts you’ve been dying to show off. Let your photographer get all the glory and praise for their work and draw in potential clients.watermark

3. Give a list to the DJ

The reception will get crazy as you make your rounds to each family and friend. Give the DJ a list of songs you and your future spouse has compiled. You don’t have to deal with going up to the DJ to ask for songs when they probably can’t hear you. When a song plays you know that its on your list, so you can get to the dance floor and still fit in all the fun and ‘thank you for attendings’ in one night! Break up your wedding duties with some wedding fun.

dancing4. Getting in shape

Yes, this is a must for most women, but for others don’t think of it as a major wedding requirement. Think of all the photos you are taking and how many family members will see and receive them. You want to be in tip top shape and be the glowing bride in love that you are. You want to trust in yourself that you look your best and feel your best. If you can’t do full body makeover, go for the body parts that your dress highlights. If you have a strapless dress opt for arm toning, low-cut or backless dress, tone your back. But overall, good fitness is always a plus. Even if you don’t have physical results, good fitness routine gives you a glow that no makeup or bronzer ever could.dress

5. Breathe

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let your wedding day run its course. Don’t stress yourself out about seating or guests arriving late. Just breathe and soak in your special day. Take a few moments away from the reception venue for just you and your new spouse. Take a walk and share a special moment for just you two. That moment is worth more than any missing piece of decor or running out of cake.walk

What did you forget on your day? Would this list have helped?

Tell us!

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