Mary Kay Beauty 101

One of our very own Marketing Coordinators, Mallory, got to spend some great beauty and make up time with the lovely artists of Mary Kay and she wrote about her experience. From getting glammed up to learning about Mary Kay and Alpha Chi Omega’s activism for Domestic Violence awareness, Mary Kay truly pampered Mallory and the UC Davis campus.

A few weeks ago the Mary Kay Beauty 101 tour came to the UC Davis campus and I got a chance to learn about their new products and even get a free makeover! Mary Kay had so many awesome stations set up for us to check out products as we waited in line to get our makeup done. They had tons of cool things like the lip scrub, eye makeup remover, and affordable eye shadow trios and eye shadow sticks. All of the Mary Kay representatives were so lovely and gave me great tips and tricks about how to do my makeup. I am looking forward to ordering more products from them in the future.6

Then I got to hear from Alpha Chi Omega about the Love is Respect movement that spoke about domestic abuse. After hearing from them I signed their pledge wall to not look away from abuse. It was empowering!4

A little later on I got to meet with one of the professional makeup artists there and she did an amazing job on my makeup. She also spent a little bit of time talking with me about my usual makeup and face care habits and then she gave me advice and taught me a few things. For example, I had no idea that using an eyebrow brush would make such a difference! She tried out a few different colors that I wouldn’t normally use, but I really liked it. I felt so bold after getting my makeup done.3


After getting all dolled up, Mary Kay reps dressed us up in super fun props and had us take pictures in their photo booth. The whole experience was so much fun and it was exactly what I and so many other girls needed. Our campus is usually so serious and everybody is so focused on school that not many girls spend much time putting on makeup. Throughout that day I could tell which girls had also gotten their makeup done because you could just see their confidence shining! Mary Kay did an amazing job at making all of us women feel so special and beautiful that day. They even sent each one of us home with a goody bag full of $180 worth of makeup. I use the makeup every day and I absolutely love it. Thank you Mary Kay for everything, you guys are amazing!


Check out the video of the Mary Kay Beauty 101 Tour on the UC Davis campus!





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